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Over the coming months, we’ll continue to share resources on this webpage.
Our hope is that these resources will inspire conversations among all ages and help us to build deeper relationships with each other and our God.


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How can we talk together as a family or household about our faith?

6/23/21 | Children & Family Ministries

How can we talk together as a family or household about our faith?

    Faith @ Home 

    Let's choose some meaningful ways for children to connect to God in their everyday lives that foster healthy ways they can express their thoughts and ideas! After you click on a specific day of the week, scroll down to see options based on a given scripture that you can choose throughout the day on your own time:    Faith @ Home Daily Here

    • Watch - These videos are a great way to start your day with a mini family devotion or chapel time. Maybe this is a good summer breakfast or lunch habit to create. Sometimes the videos are more focused on mindfulness. Home is the perfect place to try this together!
    • Read - Often these include videos of various people reading picture books. Books they suggest are high quality and would be great additions to your own children's book collection.
    • Listen - Songs are shared along with more open-ended questions.
    • Do - Art projects and ideas here use materials you typically already have at home. Many will most likely inspire more creative ideas. Kids of all ages love to express their connection to a story or to God in a variety of ways like building something, making something with playdoh, or playing a game. 
    • Pray - Maybe these prayers and ideas shared in this section can become a nightly routine for you as your children unwind and reflect on the day with you! 


    Faith at Home: A Handbook for Cautiously Christian Parents by Wendy Claire Barrie

    The Faith@Home daily devotions were inspired by this book.

     “Parents often ask: How do we introduce prayer to our children if we do not necessarily believe prayer changes outcomes? How do we approach reading the Bible with our children when our own relationship with it is mixed or complicated? How do we talk about difficult things and where do we find God in the midst of them? How do we teach our children to make a difference in the world? How do we connect what happens at church to what happens at home? These questions and many more are addressed with talking points, practices, and resources provided for each subject.”


    Praying in Color

    Do you and your children like to color? Whether starting from scratch or using a coloring page, you can find inspiration here. “Creativity is a great way to communicate words unspoken to God. Sybil Macbeth’s book Praying in Color is a great way to start using art as a way to communicate with God. There is also a children’s version of her original book. Art is powerful. Imagine the conversations we could have with God while drawing. Even if you are not a particularly good artist, the creativity that follows through our hearts without words is heard by God.”


    Staycation Bible School  

    The Christian Formation Committee of the Diocese of West Texas offers a seven-session Staycation Bible School inspired by "The Very Best Day: The Way of Love for Children," a children's book written and illustrated by Roger Hutchinson. The 2020 Staycation Bible School is a curriculum designed for families to connect with God at home over the summer. (We wrote this for summer 2021, but it is not necessary tied to a specific timeframe.)