About Us

Our Core Values

Spirituality:   We have a long history, rooted in the Book of Common Prayer, a spiritual resource, which recognizes our God given liberty to explore and study our spirituality and relationship with God.

Community:   We are an open Christian Community, seeking to grow in our friendship with God and in compassionate engagement with the world. We welcome anyone who would like to join us in our journey.

Worship:   Engaging and empowering our relationship with God through prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.

Outreach: We seek and serve Christ in the world, healing and supporting our families, parish family, university students, faculty, and staff. 

Children & Youth:  We are committed to be an intergenerational community, which includes children and youth in fellowship, spirituality, and mission.

Who we are

Have you ever wondered if you belonged at a church?  Have you ever been curious about a faith that is ancient and contemporary, solemn and joyous, traditional and yet somehow warm?  Then St. Mark’s is for you.  

We don’t care where you come from or where you’ve been.  We don’t care if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, dressed up or casual, gay or straight, married, divorced, or single, old or young, got it all together or just barely holding on.  We hope you’re happy in your life, but we know that a lot of folks aren’t.  We know that life can be tough, and we know that a lot of us take things for granted.  We want to celebrate with you, and we want to walk with you in the struggle.  We want to meet your in-laws and your outlaws, your friends and your neighbors, or just come alone… we know how much courage it takes just to walk through the doors.  We think that this community has something special and we hope to share it with you. 

We want you here, because chances are, we’ve been there too… we are cradle Episcopalians, former Baptists, recovering addicts, soccer moms, university professors, republicans, democrats, independents and haven’t quite made up our minds yet.  We are from San Marcos, Wimberley, Canyon Lake, and a hundred other communities...  We grew up as Christians, and we had no idea what church could be when God called us to be together.  We are not of common mind, but you can bet that we work hard to be people of Common Prayer.  We read the bible and we follow Jesus, and we know that somehow we are better together than we could ever be apart. 

The faith that we share at St. Mark’s is one that is deep and genuine and it is the heart of our community. We are a church.  Imperfect, loving, open, hopeful and driven by the Grace of God that is so much bigger than just one story…. So if you’ve ever wondered if you belong somewhere... Come join us.  St. Mark’s is for you.

We worship in the style of the Episcopal Church.  When you get here you’ll find people who know what they are doing, and people who haven’t got a clue.  We don’t know what brought you here, but we trust that God’s love is what draws you.  We’re grateful that you’d take a look at this wonderful congregation and we hope that one day, you’ll find your way right in the midst of this Joyful Community that Loves God.